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Matthew’s Story

How individualised care supports evolving needs

“On December 8 2007, whilst on a gap year in New Zealand working on a dairy farm, I was accidentally shot in the back of the head. I was then rushed to hospital in an air ambulance with my life hanging in the balance and having to be resuscitated twice en-route.

On reaching the hospital I was stabilised in a coma and after 4 days I underwent life saving brain surgery where I was given a 1 in 5 chance of survival. When I finally awoke from the coma, I spent another 6 weeks recuperating before being strong enough to fly home in a dedicated air ambulance to be taken to Poole hospital to continue my long road to recovery.

After nearly 22 months of intensive rehab I was finally able to move into my own house to be supported by Team Brain Injury. Over the last 10 years Team has allowed me to grow in confidence and to live a happy and fulfilling life. My support workers have helped me continue my love of travelling, enabling me to travel around Europe taking part in activities such as skiing and cycling. I can now ride a specially adapted tandem bike, with the help of a strong confident support worker to assist!

Throughout my journey with Team, there has always been a large network of staff who are available 24 hours a day in case of any further support needed.

Team have also helped me spot a talent I was unaware of as I now attend Team Support Worker training days to talk to the new recruits about my experiences of a brain injury. Along with doing talks at Team I now also speak at a number of different universities, as well as some local clubs. Having Team helping me to develop my hidden talent for public speaking has enabled me to grow in confidence as well as giving me a sense of purpose with my life and much more.”

- Matthew Purchase, supported by Team Brain Injury Support

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